A visit to the Doc’s

After a terrible 2 days of fatigue and feeling better just in time to go back to work, I took myself to the doctor today to express concern at my recovery progress.

I’m not used to being ‘sick’ and I can sit for a while at work feeling perfectly normal and it’s easy to imagine that suddenly I’m fixed.  But then I will stand up, creaking and groaning or like tonight having gotten the 3 yr old up, off to day care, myself to work by 8:30, to the doctors by 5, pick up the child, drop her at her Dad’s and back home, it’s now 7:30 and my head is weary, my arms and legs feel heavy and my eyes sting and just want to close.  And that used to be an easy day.

The doctor ordered another series of blood tests, this time to rule out iron or vitamin deficiencies, thyroid problems and take another look at my liver function.  I hope this nurse does a good job, because one of my tests resulted in a long bruise that kept my work mates entertained with the range of colours it turned (see featured picture!).

The words that stuck in my head from today; pacing, chronic fatigue, cognitive behavioural therapy and anti-depressants.  That wasn’t the course of action, just the words that really stuck.  I’m going to try working less, because I can’t (and don’t want to) parent less, so work is the first to go.  It’s hard to accept this, I’ve always been a hard worker.

First I need to get the approval from my employers….



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