Wiped out

Today really wiped me out and so has the last week.  I don’t feel any desire to write or clarity of thoughts and I go to do something and forget moments later what it was that needed doing.  I was discussing this with some over 70’s today and agreeing with how it feels.  Strange to be associating with people 30 years my senior.

What is hard about this disease/syndrome/thing is that it forces me to do less than I want and every moment feels like a mathematical equation as I contemplate what I want to do in the time I have minus what I actually can do without feeling like I want to lie down and sleep for a week.

I keep trying to find ways to explain how this feels so I can explain it to the cynics who question ‘So, you’re not feeling any better…. yet?’

Today I thought it feels like medicine with a drowsy side-effect – like something exterior to you is irresistibly forcing you to be tired.  But it’s not only drowsiness, it’s the lactic acid weakness in the limbs that is the worst.

I really thought I would be feeling better by now.

I hoped that writing this blog might put me in touch with people who are experiencing the same things, but if you’re there, you’re not saying anything.  How does fatigue feel to you?

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