For those of you playing along at home…

I got the referral!

My GP agreed it would be a good idea to get a specialist to give me the once- over.  So that’ll happen in a few weeks time.  The assistant I spoke to apologised for this being his first available time but I shrugged that off easily.  I’ve been waiting 6 months already through this; another 3 weeks really feels like 5 minutes to wait.

I feel some sort of lift from this.  Like when you’ve got a holiday to look forward to or you receive a larger tax refund than you expected.  I feel a bit of hope.  Someone to listen and take me seriously and perhaps find a way to help.

Meanwhile, the cold is taking a toll.  My clothes feel heavier than I remember them being.  I feel this way every winter, when I have to start layering to keep warm, but this year I feel constantly bound and wrapped up.  My daughter had a runny nose today, so we spent half of the day on the couch together under rugs, but even then I still felt the cold air inside my legs.  It’s a strange feeling, and one the neurologists would have you believe ‘isn’t really happening’.  Well ok, I don’t really have cold air inside my legs but it feels that way, and there is some reason.  The rheumatologists’ kind advice not to expect to get better over winter seems to be holding, and today’s only the start of winter…

I’m glad I have the other appointment to look forward to.  Even if nothing new comes of it, I will still feel like I tried.

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