It was me, not the bolognaise

I haven't been writing, haven't felt any urge to and I've been sick this last week or more.  There's no other word that can describe it well - sick, ill, maybe afflicted?  I've had dizziness, headaches, itchy hives and foul metallic tastes in my mouth.  The killer is, I have felt stronger than ever, which … Continue reading It was me, not the bolognaise

Pills, ills and bellyaches

It's 10pm Friday night and it feels like midnight Sunday after being awake all weekend.  I've been so sick this week.  I lost all my enthusiasm to write.  Monday brought dizziness, woozy head, racing heart, heaviness in my limbs so dire I stumbled a few times as my brain thought it was coping with a … Continue reading Pills, ills and bellyaches