It’s all becoming horribly clear…

It’s like a car accident happened 6 months ago and I’ve been investigating the crash scene to piece together the cause.  I’m glad I set myself on this path last week because it’s revealed the final pieces of the puzzle – Vitamin D, B12 and magnesium deficiency.

Among other things.  I visited a naturopath who predicted a D deficiency and it was confirmed today when the doctor advised me my levels were well below the average required for good health.  When I asked if improving these things would make me feel better, he asked me what else I was going to do?  He’s pretty straight talking.

I pondered this information on a short walk to the shop to buy coffee and chocolate – no the irony is not lost on me there.  The naturopath thinks I was most likely on the way to a D deficiency before I got sick with 2 viruses and the liver issues have made it worse so now I struggle to recover.  It dawned on me that the hard work I was putting into my life; working full time, being a Mum, trying to do everything, cost me the first half of this year and the big result I talked about in my previous post.  The irony was also not lost on me there but what could I have done differently?  There weren’t any warning signs apart from maybe feeling a bit more tired towards the end of last year, and who wouldn’t be, with a growing toddler and a store getting busier and more demanding.  So I will try not to inflict that extra emotional pain on myself that perhaps I could have done something differently and not ended up here, after all the virus had a role to play as well.

What bothers me is that I didn’t even realise I could get a D deficiency living here in Australia.  The sun shines most of the year, even in winter and that’s the main source and yet, my serum levels were 54 (I don’t know the units) and the recommended level is 100-120 in adults.

One of the main symptoms of low D is muscle and bone pain.  I always struggled to explain to people why my bones hurt.  It seems odd to have a pain in your bone.  Signs of low B12 are muscle weakness, tiredness and light-headedness.

My doctor wants me to have injections and supplements, the naturopath says no to injections because they overload your system in one go.  I don’t know exactly what to do because this is only a piece of the puzzle, but at least I have learnt more in this last week than I knew before and it’s all stuff I wish I knew last year!

What bothers me a little also, is this current nation and perhaps worldwide obsession with food.  It’s on TV, reality shows, books, magazines, Facebook, everywhere!  I get told what to eat, what’s the latest super-food, what’s the latest trend for eating but the messages about the real WHY aren’t getting through.  The messages that do come through are either eat this because it’s good for you (have you ever tried that with a toddler?) or eat this because it’s in defiance of what’s good for you, and that’s good for you too.  There is not enough information being pushed about why you eat certain foods.  I mean, ‘make sure you don’t get low in Vitamin D and B12 because you’ll feel like shit and possibly develop brittle bones and cancer’ isn’t a catchy message but surely someone’s gotta be pushing it somewhere?  Is it our own responsibility to be aware of these things in our diet?

From now on I certainly will, and I’m glad I listened to my instincts when people asked me if I was getting better since I’d stepped down from my job.  I remember earlier this year being able to do some gardening – pulling out a pesky hedge for an hour – in the summer time but I haven’t done any of that for months.  I remembered going for a walk to the beach in early January but I haven’t done that until the other day (and it tired me out).  I remembered socialising a bit and going to work celebrations in the first few months but haven’t managed any of that in the last 3 when I’ve not been working.  I was declining.  I looked over a multi-vitamin I have been taking for 3 months, it has Vitamin B12, in fact a multitude of B’s in it, it’s has D and it has magnesium.  My liver was/is compromised and not processing the vitamins I was getting.  And it wasn’t going to get better on it’s own.

So many things have been bittersweet this year, that I’m getting damn sick of the feeling.

But for now, the sun is shining, so I’m going to go sit in it for 15 minutes with my arms and legs out (even though it’s cold) and kick start some extra natural Vit D because what else am I going to do?

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