Things I never would have bought…

After a pain in my right side and a poor appetite all week I am now the proud owner of some apple cider vinegar as recommended by my naturopath.

Things I have bought recently that I never would have before:

Apple cider vinegar (with the ‘Mother’!), goji berries, chia seeds, sesame seeds, pepitas, organic flour, coconut oil, gluten free pasta, quinoa, dates and almond milk.

I have bought in, I’m on board, the only thing I need next is to go Paleo… Whatever the hell it means.

Ok I’m being smug.  It astounds me how little I have known about nutrition and easy ways to include good stuff in my diet.  I’ve always been reasonably well fed but not necessarily well nourished.

So I’ll give it a try.  Having said all that I’m sitting here drinking a shop bought coffee – I can’t help myself!

Still not feeling any better, if anything I’m feeling worse this week.  I have less energy than I feel like I did a few months ago.  Is it the winter?  What’s going on?  Is anything working?  What can I do differently?

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