Pills, ills and bellyaches

It’s 10pm Friday night and it feels like midnight Sunday after being awake all weekend.  I’ve been so sick this week.  I lost all my enthusiasm to write.  Monday brought dizziness, woozy head, racing heart, heaviness in my limbs so dire I stumbled a few times as my brain thought it was coping with a huge extra weight.

It was almost unbearable.  Tuesday I was ok, I worked a little from home.  Wednesday I broke out in hives!  All over my body.  They were unbelievably itchy and lasted all day Thursday.  But finally something worked.  I took 3 different antihistamines before one worked, including the awful Phernergan.  Avoid at all costs!  I slept so heavily all night with nightmares of not being able to wake up.  My daughter crawled into bed at some point and I was unable to speak (luckily she didn’t care).  Awful! And it didn’t work.  Zyrtec did the trick.  And I can’t tell you how good it felt when I am already taking 15 supplements a day (2xiron/B12, 1xmagnesium, 3xliver enzymes, 4xechinacea Royale and 5xvitamin d) to add another tablet that damn well had an effect!  In the evening I also added 2 anti inflammatory’s because the hives on my wrist were causing swelling and threatening carpal tunnel pain.

So today started at 7:30 and I worked 7 hours, drove for an hour and a half and dealt with a non-sleeping child up until 20 minutes ago.  And now it’s bed time.  My only hope is that this is not all worse tomorrow but somehow I think it will be.

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