It is what it is

Last night I had an attack of what I am going to describe as the 'What If? horrors'. Having embraced and digested (pardon the pun) my dairy allergy, it dawned on me that I could soon be better than I have been for the last 8 months.  On my first afternoon free I raced to the … Continue reading It is what it is

A dark horse (or is it a cow?)

I've always had the sort of health and body that just worked without too much trouble.  I could push it to extremes of stress and endurance (although not physical) and it ran on empty quite well.  I travelled, ate local foods, drank water in Thailand and Bali, spent many years in alcohol-soaked work cultures and … Continue reading A dark horse (or is it a cow?)

Another Low

These come up and take you by surprise. Im sitting in the doctors rooms waiting for a fasting blood test for bloody cholesterol. Am I 100% certain this will show nothing of importance? Yes!  But I'm here because the doctor I usually see urged me to.  So I had to come on no breakfast, and … Continue reading Another Low

What now?

Taking it to the next level. Out of desperation yesterday I made an appointment with a new doctor in the same clinic as my current one.  The taste in my mouth has not shifted after 2 tubes of anti-fungal Daktarin.  I saw a registrar, which I didn’t realise until she concluded the session with a … Continue reading What now?


I feel cold tonight, on the inside again.  I desperately hope I'm not getting sick.  I've felt in a reasonable state of anxiety for the last few hours, or what I think is anxiety, with thoughts and words bubbling below the surface of my mind endlessly. Today I asked myself the question 'can you do … Continue reading cold