Off to the naturopath I go (again)

The taste of hell in my mouth is slowly receding, but not fast enough.  I ended up trying a Daktarin mouth wash in case excess bacteria was the cause, I’m having the probiotics at night and today the health shop gave me a Oregano oil, which worked by having a flavour absolutely 100 x worse than the taste in my mouth!

I finally got a reply from the naturopath today who irritatingly sent me a message giving me a short deadline to get back to her to advise if I could take a cancelled appointment tomorrow.  I was at my new job doing all the settling in and getting to know people and it’s not cool to have your phone out in retail in a new store, so I didn’t see the message.  After I nearly blew my top, I wrote back to say ‘Sorry I missed the deadline, I will have to seek help somewhere else, three weeks is too long for me to wait’.   Shortly after that I received an offer of another appointment tomorrow.

So fingers crossed, something makes sense to her and what might have caused this.  For now I’m off everything and leaning towards staying that way and focusing on diet to support my vitamin deficiencies and combat fatigue naturally.  It surely can’t hurt, not like the last week and a half of feeling like I’ve been eating poo has hurt.

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