I’ve been putting off writing this entry, since I returned from the naturopath.  I’ve had to take some time to consider the news and advice, undertaken some research and yes it seems true, I have been poisoned by arsenic.

Not in a ‘It was Mr Jones, in the Library with a hammer’ kind of way, but in a surprisingly common and fairly ill-considered ‘it’s in our food’ way.

Let me tell you about my naturopath and provide the disclaimer that I am currently following her advice, as crazy as it may seem.

She calls what she does biometer testing, however I think it must have a different name because when you research the phrase you find all sorts of information about biometric data which is just a name for physical data and the like.  The best description I found called it electrodermal testing and is described below:

What is it?
Electrodermal testing means testing via the skin. It is a procedure to measure changes in electrical resistance along the acupuncture pathways of the body. The method is painless, non-invasive and accurate. This tool helps to determine the “energy imbalances” causing many health concerns.

How does it work?
Electrical skin conductance is measured at acupuncture points on the hands and sometimes feet by a device called a Biometer. Balance of these acupuncture points occurs on the biometer at a reading of 80. Imbalance of electrons are shown as the needle drops below 80. So for the machine we get positive or negative answers, which will depend on what we are testing for at the time.

So she listened to my symptoms: a day of wooziness, headache, followed by 2 days of hives, then diarrhea, then the foul taste in my mouth and told me she suspected bacteria or a chemical.  To conduct the testing you hold a metal bar connected by wires to the machine in one hand and she probes your palm with another also connected.  As the current connects through your body the machine beeps and the needle swings to the 80 point and you can hear the same tone until it supposedly comes across something in your body that interrupts it, making a lower or higher pitch tone.  We went through salmonella and other bacteria and histamines until we got to arsenic, and the machine pronounced me afflicted.  I was and am still dubious and the research I’ve done online suggests you need to be tested immediately after the exposure to find it in your blood however it seems remarkably well accepted that it’s commonly in our water and soil here in Australia (and in fact everywhere in the world) and the symptoms I experienced were pretty well like for like.

Everything seems very hard.  I get more headaches than I used to, but I”m also not drinking anywhere near as many teas and water as I was.  It’s almost been 2 weeks with the nasty taste in my mouth and eating has lost it’s appeal.

The whole of July has been terrible, fraught with fatigue and exhaustion and despair and it could be for any of the following reasons:

It’s winter

I’m not currently taking the supplements that seemed to help

My daughter is sick, perhaps I’m fighting something

Transferring stores and the physical and emotional load that comes along with that

I’m being tormented by a demon?

I just want to be better again.  Have the energy to live more than just work.  What worries me is I’ve made this big change to a local store and after one day I was completely wiped out.  Have to go back again tomorrow and I really hope I can make it through the day ok.  I can’t wait to be done with this.


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