PJ livin’

Today I didn’t leave the house, except a few short steps to the bin or to water some pot plants.  The whole day I achieved the following: (not in order)image

Made pancakes for breakfast, researched the history of the Internet for a writing assignment, completed the writing assignment, looked after a poorly child, confirmed a flight change for a passenger home from Athens, managed a cancellation for 2 passengers from Bali, made minestrone soup for lunch and froze the rest, browsed and joined some new blogs, bathed poorly child and wrote this blog along with other human maintenance type things like making coffees and brushing teeth.

And I did it all in my PJ’s.

I recently remembered a trick from when I had a newborn.  I would get up in the morning and put on fresh PJ’s.  It couldn’t be trackies because even though comfortable they make you feel daggy.  Something about fresh PJ’s makes you comfy and comforted, and stops you from venturing outside.  This is important when you’re trying not to do too much extra – as you should when you have a newborn or a fatigue related illness.

Still, I’m calling it a successful day.  My measurement of success has changed somewhat since being ill all year.  I read a question on someone else’s blog asking ‘How has having a chronic illness changed your social life?’.  I found it strange that this person who identified as having fibromyalgia said they were able still to party until 1am. Here, me I thought, what social life?  I don’t see myself as ‘chronically afflicted’ but maybe I am.  Again it probably comes down to my definition and everyone is different.  There is no one-size-fits-all in this.

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