I wish I was a Mummy-Blogger

… or a healthy-eating blogger writing about food.

I wish during the day I spent my time noting all the wonderful things my daughter is doing in her third year, instead of the misery of my latest doctors appointment.

I wish I could look back on this blog and see all the amazing milestones she’s had instead of all of the times my doctors misled me in the guise of ‘ruling things out’.

I wish I was writing about the questions she asks like:

Why is milk white?

How do we make bread/chocolate/apricot chicken?

Why do we fart?

I wish I could tell you about all the amazing new healthy recipes I’d discovered instead of telling you I ate baked beans on toast for dinner because it really doesn’t matter what I eat, it all tastes bad.

I wish things were different, but there’s not much point in doing that.

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