Another Low

These come up and take you by surprise.

Im sitting in the doctors rooms waiting for a fasting blood test for bloody cholesterol. Am I 100% certain this will show nothing of importance? Yes!  But I’m here because the doctor I usually see urged me to.  So I had to come on no breakfast, and I thought I’d make plans for my daughter to do something else so she wasn’t inconvenienced.  So I asked could her dad drop in to spend half an hour with her. Well no he couldn’t do that, just drop her over here he said. Don’t worry about food I can do that, he said.  It seemed an ok idea but when it came to it she wanted to have breakfast, then she wanted to get dressed, then she wanted to watch a movie (which I said no to); then she pooed in her undies (we’re still working that one out) and now here I am half an hour later than I wanted to get here with 5 people in front of me.  And no breakfast!  All at the urging of other people!  It’s nearly 9am and I haven’t even had a cuppa and mornings are hard.

Im feeling some pain in my hands in the morning again when I wake up. Nothing much but similar to the stiffness I had a few months ago. I still have back pain and neck stiffness even though I get a remedial massage every 3 weeks.  I wonder if I have another deficiency.  Come to think of it, I might request a copy of my blood tests because since they missed the  glandular fever diagnosis perhaps they have missed something else too.

I’m feeling really annoyed right now and if I don’t get some development from the Tuesday apportionment I have been urged to take – if she’s calling me in to say you’ll get better eventually – I will go to someone else and see if I can’t get help from them.  It seems on the surface like they’re taking these recent developments seriously but I don’t have much faith.  Having said all along how bad I feel I wonder if she hasn’t really been listening.  Can’t blame her I suppose, after all doctors see so many people every day probably all complaining of tiredness and probably different ways of describing fatigue from each other that it must start to sound the same after a while.

I hate how inaccessible doctors are.  You have to follow them up, they don’t check in with you.  You get 5 minutes to explain your entire life to them and then they make a choice or guess about your health and you have to run with it.  Or you sit in endless waiting rooms like I am now, waiting for help.

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