Day 5 without Dairy – is lightheadedness normal?

I had a normal day, nothing unusual, worked, made dinner and was about to bath the little one when ‘whammy!’ the lightheadedness began.  I’m describing it as such because I didn’t see or feel the room turning and I didn’t fall over but I felt it coming.  I just started to feel like I’d prefer to be closer to the ground so I sat down (on the toilet which was nearest to me like s sack of potatoes).  What else could I do but keep running the bath and getting my daughter ready for bed, when there’s no one else here?  She got in the bath and the feeling got worse, bad enough that I felt the need to make sure I had my phone with me in case I needed help.

But it passed, the intensity anyway, I still feel slightly odd, but the worst of it stayed for about 15 minutes.  Lightheadedness is the most basic of symptoms for all sorts of things, but I suspect it’s related to the dairy.  I’ve had a runny nose for the last few days and I know that dairy ‘blocks’ you up.  Perhaps it’s affecting my sinuses or inner ear?

I wish Google would provide better information, I know that’s quite unreasonable, but it’s so detailed and yet so useless in a situation like this.  The doctor told me to call the ambulance next time something like this happened but she also said if it lasts.  And this hasn’t seemed to.

I’ll just make myself a cuppa and go to bed I think.

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