Three types of progress from three different paths

In the last few days, I’ve made some big advances on the path I’m on, the ultimate goal being recovery from illness but also a desire to rebuild my life to what I really want.

The three have come from very different areas of my life and just coincidentally converged this week and I feel like each one probably deserves their own blog of explanation but I’ll mention them all here because they’re all on my mind right now.

The first was the identification of a dairy allergy which appears to have been holding back my recovery.  I am now a week free from dairy and can feel the inflammation subsiding in my body, I feel less full and bloated in the tummy, my nose is incredibly clearer.  I’ve had less stomach aches and less headaches as the week goes on.  Most importantly I have more energy now that it’s not being redirected to fight the dairy-intruder.

The second was taking time to sit down and be clear about my values.  I was doing this as part of an exercise for a writing course and it was illuminating to print a large list of values and narrow it down to 11 that really resonated with me.  Before that I would have given a hazy answer to the question, based on feelings and past actions but would have been hard-pressed to answer clearly what values actually were.

The third was again another exercise, brought on by a book, to listen to and identify thoughts that were not helping me or ‘limiting beliefs’.  Again without going into the psychology too much it just meant actually hearing a limiting belief and questioning it.  For instance, it’s easy to feel, when you’ve been sick for a long time that ‘I’m never going to get better and nothing will ever help’.  This process then has you saying ‘Never?  That’s a long time.  It’s unlikely that’s true.  Nothing will help?  I’m sure something will if I keep looking.’  It’s not just ‘positive’ thinking, it’s finding your own beliefs that are limiting you and de-bunking them yourself.

It’s easier to change your belief that something will help, when you’ve experienced it recently, like I have, but I do remind you and myself that I kept looking for an answer in the face of 8 (almost 9 months) of little or no progress and very limited energy and mental strength.

I’ll write more about each one soon.

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