Every woman and her blog…

I didn’t even want to Google that phrase on the ‘net before I blogged to see how many times it had already been coined.

(sidebar) how many nouns turned into verbs can an opening sentence contain? 

But back to my point, I’ve been blogging here for about 6 months now, following writers on similar health topics, commenting occasionally and I’ve seen some bloggers attract huge numbers of new followers in that time whilst I have barely ticked over into the 20’s (and I love you all by the way).  But it’s made me question, why?

Let me get straight that I started this blog to vent and to connect and both of those things I have achieved.  But I wondered, as I saw others gain momentum, why wasn’t I?  Was I too whiny?  Not witty enough?  Did I blog too little or too often?

Wanting to be a writer – meaning to be paid for my writing and not require a second ‘real’ job – I sort of hoped that I would somehow see my blog flourish, attract attention and maybe lead to success.  What a pipe dream!  And yet I did see it happen to a fellow blogger on here – ‘Five Fairies and a Fella’.  She had her blog turned into a book, was featured in the Women’s Day and appeared on 60 minutes.  All within the last few months.  She also has aggressive terminal cancer and 4 adorable little girls.  I don’t want to be so cynical as to claim these are the only reasons why, but her story is much more compelling than mine, I’ll happily admit.

There are many blogs on the topic of blogging and like books on how to write books and films on how to make films do they fall under the harsh comment from George Bernard Shaw misquoted here ‘those who can, do and those who can’t, teach’?  I don’t know the answer for sure, but I bet the people who write the blogs about blogging are being paid for it possibly without the need for a ‘real’ job too.

2 thoughts on “Every woman and her blog…

  1. escharae says:

    I have been blogging for a year and a half and I haven’t reached 200 followers yet. I would love to have a big audience, be an influencer and write for a living, but right now I’m happy that the few people who read me actually care a little about me. And I love you too by the way. 😉

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