Opening the book

I am a big believer, and always have been, in opening a book to a random page and seeing what message lies there for you.  It’s illuminating and at the very least fun to interpret.  It’s been almost a month now since I made a change to my diet (removing dairy) that has contributed hugely to leaps and bounds of improvement and although I am nervous and still feel there is a way to go, I walk taller in my shoes at the moment, my back is straighter, I hold my head up a little higher, I feel improved.

When I think I have reached the end of the journey, there is a new level to which I need to continue deconstructing my previous life and I see old patterns rise up to remind me of what I don’t want anymore.  Without being circumspect anymore, I’ve been held hostage all week with a situation in which someone ‘didn’t cope well’ with a professional email I sent them and it’s been on my mind.  All sorts of thoughts consumed me for the last few days… how could I have said it better, should I withdraw, why didn’t I say this… and I’ve realised tonight it’s all just distraction.  Someone getting me to jump through hoops for their amusement – although I think they wouldn’t see it that clearly – but it IS what it is.  And it distracts me from my purpose.

I saw the message clearly on Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog today here ‘ Stop doing shit you hate’.  Could not be more black and white than that.

But back to opening the book.  On my way to bed and on a whim, I picked up Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘Practicing the Power of Now’ – a book I was initially drawn to a few years ago when struggling with a bought of most likely PTSD and hating the thought of being present in the NOW – since the NOW was awful…. and opened the page…. what did I see?

Pg.66 Strengthening the Immune System.

He discusses a brief meditation for morning and night, where you flood your body with consciousness.  Basically listening to it.

Yeah Echkart – you know it!  That’s what I needed especially this line ‘It will also counteract any disruption of your energy field by some form of negativity’.

Some form of negativity. Yep that’s what you are.  Were.

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