Tips for the creative

post by Elizabeth Gilbert (click the link)

During the hardest times of the last 10 months, my brain would be churning with thoughts and ideas and often just as I was wanting to go to bed, the trials of the day would need to be expressed and writing my blog gave me the outlet to do that.  It distracted me, helped me process, it wasn’t wallowing (like some people accused) and it ‘gave my mind something to do’.  I recognise this now that I am less ill and not feeling the urge to write as often.  I am in a kind of no-mans land, a limbo between how I got here and where I head to now.  Because I don’t go back, that’s for sure.

I know that most of the people I chat to here are also writers too so I hope will appreciate some of the words of wisdom in this link from TED (see the top of the page).

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