The end of week 1 of yet another recovery phase

Stick with me, it gets better…

It’s Sunday.  I got back from holidays a week ago and I’ve worked 3 days out of the six and I’m BLAH!  I have spent the morning with my daughter, dozing off on the couch while she watched movies and occasionally startled me out of the doze.  It may sound pleasant but it wasn’t, those dozes are exhaustion like thick heavy clouds around my head and a large heavy wet blanket resting on my body.  Waking from them is bloody hard.  I had an assignment due yesterday for my writing course and I could not care less.  Which is very unlike me.  But I don’t have the brain power to complete it.  I looked at it twice during the week and couldn’t even comprehend the questions.  I have to save my energy for work which is quite demanding and of course, for my daughter.  She picks up the silly words I say all the time, like ‘Do you want to eat your water? or ‘Shall we brush your face?’ often before I have even realised I’ve said it 5 seconds later.  Thank god when writing you can just go back and delete the words that make no sense.

Add to this requests to help with more hours at work next week and my desire to just be normal, to be able to enjoy some gardening that needs to be done, to feel capable of a simple visit to the movies, to clean my own damn house, and I feel blue.

So, what to do?  I had all sorts of ideas about posts and experiments when I got home from travelling, but simple life has dragged them off the plate.  I’m going to write them here so I don’t forget and maybe force myself to follow through one day.

As I wrote when I came back, I was really inspired to learn more about nourishment using spices and herbs particularly the ones used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.  I want to know more about water quality, where my veggies come from and how they are treated, aromatherapy, reflexology, ear-candling, acupuncture and the Paleo diet.  A friend recommended the latter and I decided that just because Pete Evans shits me to tears, shouldn’t mean that I dismiss this latest food trend.  Some food trends are getting silly but I want to look into the meaning and history behind them and see what they have to offer.  The best thing I can do for my health – having taken it for granted for 40 years – is to bolster and support it with the best possible ingredients and supplements to my system.  I gave up all dairy and most wheat and limited sugar intake about  2 months ago and while I have lost only about 1 and 1/2 kilos (I didn’t do it for weight loss but for allergy control) what I have noticed is the weight is re-distributed.  The excess lumpy fat I had around my belly and hips has decreased and I feel slimmer.

I need to find out more and see if a grand super -charged diet is what is missing.  I haven’t had many crazy digestive symptoms like vomiting, bloating and constipation like I was having (ok maybe still a little farting) since I limited my intake to very simple foods so I feel safe to introduce new things slowly now and hope that my digestive system can cope.  And that it helps.

We’re getting dangerously close to a year of this affliction (which almost no-one seems to understand or believe – photos of you looking happy on holiday on Facebook don’t help) and I really want to be done with it.  PLEASE!  Now thanks.

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