I just want to add…

… some things I did to ease the bad feelings from this morning was firstly, writing the post ‘Convalescing’.  It helped to get a lot of those thoughts and feelings out.

Second, I gave myself some time.  After our usual library/singing visit with my daughter, I took her to family day care and went home to do nothing (this I never do, there is always something to be done) and it translated into some nutrition research, and a long sleep, during which time I had a quite funny and slightly odd feverish dream about a good friend who used to live next door to me.  On waking I felt compelled to message him.  He lives in the UK and when he saw the message, he called me and tonight we spoke for so long I lost track, over 2 hours I think.

Huge amounts of inspiration arrived through him to answer a question I felt earlier today – What am I doing with and what is happening to my life? – that I didn’t really even know I’d asked.  We laughed about the Secret and how simple an idea it is, but it seemed to work right here without me meaning it to.

Because I wanted an answer to those questions badly enough.  And now I don’t feel so lonely either. 🙂

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