Detective work

I haven't written for a week because I've been busy getting myself prepared for leaving work.  Not for long, but for 3 months I've been granted the ability to almost completely work from home, which fills me with such relief. I do wish it could have come earlier because the last 2 weeks have been … Continue reading Detective work


Am I a Type A?

I don't even know what the Types are, but perhaps Type A might be characterised by the obsessive googling I do in search of answers for questions, such as 'what is a Type A personality?'  And surely, the dudes behind this theory never thought it'd get picked up so widely did they, otherwise I'm sure … Continue reading Am I a Type A?


Along the lines of my post yesterday, here is a list worth reading!


On this day five years ago, I got the news that a recent lung biopsy showed that my lungs were inflicted with a severe form of graft versus host disease (GVHD) called bronchialitis obliteran syndrome (BOS). BOS, I came to find out, was a known but uncommon side-effect resulting from a bone marrow transplant (for leukemia) that I had had earlier in the year. And by severe I was told it meant the BOS was incurable, non-reversible, and, in most cases, aggressively fatal. I was also told — because I had asked and insisted on an answer — that, according to a National Institutes of Health (NIH) study of the time, BOS had only a 13%, five-year survival rate. In other words, there was an 87% chance that within five years I would be dead.

Well, it’s been five years and here I am – a newly…

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Glandular Fever

I just read this... “Post viral fatigue” is caused by a number of different viruses & happens when you don’t rest enough during the initial phase. Fuck, fuck, fuckity FUCK! Wish someone had told me sooner!  Oh, whatever, I quite possibly wouldn't have taken any notice. The 'it doesn't matter if I keep pushing myself, … Continue reading Glandular Fever