Detective work

I haven't written for a week because I've been busy getting myself prepared for leaving work.  Not for long, but for 3 months I've been granted the ability to almost completely work from home, which fills me with such relief. I do wish it could have come earlier because the last 2 weeks have been … Continue reading Detective work

Mother-effing Vegemite

For the past few days I've not been paying enough attention to my body, it's been calling out but I've been far too busy worrying about seemingly everything else I can. A blinding headache for 2 days that I put down to caffeine withdrawal.  Aching limbs and excessive tiredness (still hard to notice as they come … Continue reading Mother-effing Vegemite

Am I a Type A?

I don't even know what the Types are, but perhaps Type A might be characterised by the obsessive googling I do in search of answers for questions, such as 'what is a Type A personality?'  And surely, the dudes behind this theory never thought it'd get picked up so widely did they, otherwise I'm sure … Continue reading Am I a Type A?

Glandular Fever

I just read this... “Post viral fatigue” is caused by a number of different viruses & happens when you don’t rest enough during the initial phase. Fuck, fuck, fuckity FUCK! Wish someone had told me sooner!  Oh, whatever, I quite possibly wouldn't have taken any notice. The 'it doesn't matter if I keep pushing myself, … Continue reading Glandular Fever