Last night I felt the best I have in ages.  I managed to vacuum my own house.  This is a big feat which I haven’t had the energy to complete for 9 months or more.  I strangely felt worse in the first half of the day than I did in the evening and it caused me to forget to take my second Astralagas tablet.  It’s down to one or more of the following:

  • a good nights sleep on Saturday night
  • no wheat yesterday
  • a real coffee in the afternoon
  • a mentally relaxing day
  • perhaps I’m recovering from the cold so that back to previous low seems better in comparison
  • remembering the hay fever nasal spray
  • vitamin B injection on Friday

But after being woken early by either a dream or my daughter calling out – I checked on her, she was fast asleep – it was pre-dawn and it must’ve taken me an hour to get back to sleep again because my mind was racing.  Remembering the recent accounts on WordPress of other people’s experiences of glandular fever lasting ‘shock, horror for 3 or more months.  It’s hard not to wish the doctor had paid more attention early.  It was there on those first tests.  If I had rested more early on… maybe….

Can’t think like that though.  It is what it is.

My problem is I just don’t feel like I’m getting a lot better.  I have to keep working, keep looking after my daughter, keep running her around the places she needs to go.  People say ‘take that Vitamin B tablet, it’s like a energy shot’, and I feel nothing.  They say the Astralagus is a super charged herb that will make you so much better, faster.  Nothing.  But I will keep taking them.  In fact I’ll trot off to the Health food store today, because it’s discount day, and pay for more vitamins and herbs that I can’t afford but I don’t want to stop taking, because I’m afraid.  Afraid they are working and things could be worse.

Things have been worse, a lot worse, only 10 weeks ago, I was vomiting, dizzy and had a lingering sour taste in my mouth that lasted a month.  Something was a lot worse then.  I do wish I understood what was going on and what was helping.

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