Should health care and advice be free?

As I type this I am really struggling with exhaustion and the accompanying head-achey malaise that comes with it however I feel I have to ask this question.

Researching for a detailed post on chemicals in body scrubs (hopefully to be finished soon), I came across a woman identifying as a chronic fatigue sufferer offering her experience to aid with the process of recovery… for $190 in 6×20 minute Skype sessions….something in me reacted and asked…

Shouldn’t health care or advice be free?

I know it’s NOT.  Your GP costs, a naturopath costs, books costs… but shouldn’t it be free?  Is healthcare and advice a basic human need and right to have?  Because if we don’t have our health we have very little of everything else…


3 thoughts on “Should health care and advice be free?

  1. CJ says:

    Yes maybe I don’t mean health care – because it couldn’t possibly be totally free, although here in Australia we have Medicare for basics… but more I guess I meant health advice…? Shouldn’t everyone who lives be able to access the knowledge of how to ‘drive’ their body?


  2. jcjames2 says:

    Sometimes, we humans only value what we have paid good money for. Her advice might have been hard-won, and she feels it should be worth something that can be measured, like a fee. It should be possible to gain this knowledge from others who would like to share what they know, but they are not advertising. Can you find them? M


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