This year…I’ve spent hours at work, wishing I was somewhere else.

I’ve spent hours in bed, wishing I wasn’t.

I stopped working so many hours thinking I’d be relaxed and leisurely, only to find I filled them up with worries and wondering ‘what can I do?’

I spent hours planning and re-planning for the future, changing plans and approaches.  Adapting as new hurdles arise and old ones fade.  Now, as a plan begins to take shape – or is it another hurdle? – I find myself with a few hours on a grey afternoon to myself with nothing to think about.

Panic sets in.

Perhaps this is where creativity has been hiding, in these hours, maybe I will find her here?

2 thoughts on “Hours…

  1. CJ says:

    I just properly noticed your comment. Isn’t it wonderful that 2 people living different lives with different hurdles can feel the same way and understand each other 🙂
    Definitely not at peace with the emptiness yet, I find reading helps


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