I need to throw away what?

I don’t know how long this message has been out there.  I’ve only just started actively listening as they say, but I saw this link this morning and I can do every one except no. 2 – electronic devices. I’m on one now writing this post. What I have been doing is turning off my wi-fi signal when I’m not using it, because you don’t need to be surrounded by a wi-fi network when you sleep.


A little disclaimer.  I despise these sorts of post with a passion.  Designed to grab your attention (click-bait they call it) and mostly created to get you to look at the advertising on either side, they can range from mildly irritating to completely DUH!  But this did resonate with me a little.  Truthfully if I was taking life advice from these ’10 things…’, I really should question my information sources in the world, but they can be good for spreading ideas at least.

So, if you haven’t clicked, the list is such; artificial sweeteners, electronic devices. pesticides, personal care products, commercial cleaning products, air fresheners, plastic food containers and bottles, processed meats, sitting and stress & negativity.

Luckily I’ve never enjoyed artificial sweeteners, nor saw the benefit, I stuck with sugar until recently when I had to give it away.  The ‘Sweet Poison Quit Plan’ recommends use to ease you off your sugar addiction, but to clean them out eventually. I doubt anyone was uncertain about pesticides, cleaners or air fresheners surely?  Filling your living surroundings with chemicals?  Sounds like a great idea!

I minimally used cleaners – water and elbow grease are the best – but recently I decided to try a natural approach for the bathroom. Because you do need something with anti-bacterial qualities sometimes.  I researched and chose apple cider vinegar with water and essential oils mixed in a spray bottle.  At first I was dismayed.  I used it to clean the toilet, wiping the plastic and porcelain with it.  And it smelled, well, like vinegar… which isn’t a pleasant smell for a toilet.  I almost gave it up but couldn’t bring myself to waste the oils so still had it on hand when I had to clean up an accident (not mine!) quickly on the concrete in the bathroom.  It didn’t smell at all so I’m assuming it might have been not the right product to use on the plastic of the toilet.  So I’m happy with that one now, I can use it to clean the floor of bathroom and shower.  The original vinegar smell did dissipate overnight but you don’t get that ‘clean’ smell we’ve all become used to with commercial cleaners.  All up, so cheap and so much better for you than synthetic cleaners.

Back to the list, I’m not sure I’ll be giving up the sitting thing very soon.  I’ve done a lot of it this year.  I rate it.  My workplace is potentially getting remodelled soon and part of the plan is a half-sized desk where you greet clients and neither sit nor stand.  Apparently very good for your health and more welcoming to clients.  Pah.  I’m trying not to be openly negative about it.  I can see everyone else in the team thinking the same thing ‘Am I going to have to stand there all day?  I’m not doing it!’

Processed meats, again when that list came out recently declaring them carcinogenic, I just laughed.  There’s 2% human DNA in hot dogs and veggie dogs?  Oh, I’m surprised I thought they were SO good for you?!

Last but not least at all – stress and negativity.  Now this is a tough one.  It’s EVERYWHERE!  People are so pessimistic these days.  They spread un-truths, misinformation and fear wrapped up in advice.  I was reading another ’10 things’ but it was ’15 books you should read’.  Most of them I didn’t recognise to be honest.  Each one had a little blurb around it with the authors suggestion as to why you should read it.  ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle I have read and enjoyed but it did take me a while to grasp the concept.  The author of this list had written something like, you must read this and choose either to accept a situation or leave it, everything else is madness.  Wow.  Now this is what I consider stress and negativity.  I look at my own situation.  Yes acceptance makes it easier, but it doesn’t come just like that.  And you think of a death of a loved one… oh she’s dead?  Accept it and move on.  The human process is much more complex.  Tolle’s book is brilliant.  The quicklist interpretation is not.

Some good ideas in the list but it really is up to us to decide how we should live our lives.  Something that’s worth remembering is that we can.  We have a lot of choice and sometimes that choice can seem a burden.  First world problems everyone calls them.

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