Mother-effing Vegemite

For the past few days I’ve not been paying enough attention to my body, it’s been calling out but I’ve been far too busy worrying about seemingly everything else I can.

A blinding headache for 2 days that I put down to caffeine withdrawal.  Aching limbs and excessive tiredness (still hard to notice as they come and go so often), a blocked up digestive system, squelching in my ears when I chew and the vague feeling that I’ve burnt my tongue at the back of my throat and it’s tingling.

Hello Candida.  You’re back then are you?

I’m a classic for the reward behaviour with food.  If I ever exercised I would definitely do the ‘oh I worked off this piece of cake’ thing.  And what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks now is rewarding good eating with bad eating (I don’t say it like that to myself!) with foods such as chocolate.  Oh but it’s 70% dark dairy free chocolate, it’s good for me.  Nooooooo it still has a LOT of sugar in it.  And only some is recommended, not the half a block I’ve been indulging in every night.

I’ve also had a confusing fortnight of supplements.  I ordered some liver enzymes (Orthoplex DEF) on advice of the nutritionist, who seemed to think they would be the silver bullet in my fight for good health.  Two weeks later they still haven’t come in and I had planned to restock the others when I returned to the shop, trying to limit the number of extra trips I do.  So for the last 2 weeks I have not had any Vitamin D, a low dose of Astralagus in a different tablet (Adrenolift) and the wrong type of magnesium (chelate instead of citrate).

It’s just not a recipe for success.  And then tonight I chose toast instead of chocolate as a snack to assuage the need for food, and what did I put on the toast?  Vegemite.  Goddam vegemite, it’s a YEAST extract.  There’s a party in my mouth and I just invited more guests to play!  I also didn’t realise before that it contains gluten, so it really has to go.

And now I again feel unhappy about food which is a feeling I’ve been trying to avoid.  I thought I was doing so well.  I will have to find other ways to reward myself.

It’s not the worst thing in the world to realise.  I knew vegemite toast would have to go sooner or later to be replaced with so many healthier options.  Remembering my first visit to the naturopath, after looking at my blood, and being horrified how clumpy the cells were and fatty the serum was, she asked what I’d eaten that day.  I answered, vegemite toast and coffee.

‘Worst breakfast ever’ was her reply with a small cough.







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