Recently my GP told me that she didn't think nutrition would play a major role in my recovery.  She's wrong.  I am 100% sure.  But to be scientific I will probably conduct the same exercise I went through yesterday and see if my results are reproducible. Early on this year, I got into a fairly nihilistic phase … Continue reading Diet

Which statement best describes you?

I had a feeling of contentment that I knew, even if I never achieved anything else in life, that would be ok. or He always told me, his Mum and his sister, that he wasn't going to live very long.  He knew it, so he had to pack a lot into his 28 years.  And … Continue reading Which statement best describes you?

A year of Fever

It must be almost a year to the day that I first came down with an illness that gave me headaches, sore throat, burning skin, full body rash and finally resulted in waking on Christmas Day to painfully swollen feet, ankles and hands.  I started the day unbelievably tired and struggled to walk on my … Continue reading A year of Fever