I’m in a bit of a funny place

I was surprised today to see it’s been over 2 weeks since I last posted.  I’ve got 7 drafts waiting to be worked on and one big one in my mind about my experiences in the last year.  While I’ve wanted to write, I just haven’t found the time.  Life feels full of stress and this last week has been a very tough one.  I’m trying to reflect on how I got here and where I am going.  But there’s no time even to do that.  What AM I  doing with my days?

Having said that, there seems to be a new way forward emerging.  I’ve been to the brink of chucking everything in – I don’t mean life by the way – but my job.  I think it’s an important part of the process perhaps to get right to the point where you say ‘ok, let’s do it, what’s stopping me?’ and actually answer those questions satisfactorily.  What is stopping me?  What different approach can I take?  How can I make myself feel like I don’t need the job?

With both my career and my health this year, I feel like I’ve been racing around looking for answers and exhausting every possibility I had within reach.  I’ve researched and thought and written and read about everything I can and I don’t think I’ve really made any progress in either area.  I’ve tried to force myself back into good health, thinking surely something or someone will have the answer?  Even the title of my blog is ‘What’s wrong with me?’ and I think I’ve gotten to a point now where I need to say ‘ok how I am is all I’ve got to work with, and it’s good.’

This is probably making no sense.

What I am going to do is a course in nutrition from edX.org.  Even after being advised by my GP that she didn’t think nutrition played an important part in my health (yep you read right, there’s a whole post on that one waiting).  Free courses offered online from the BIG Universities!  If you haven’t come across this site before, get yourself on it.  This is what I’ve been trying to get at for a while now.  Free education about health, so you can live better, seems like a human right.

I think this is the course I will start with from McGill University in Canada.


Incredible.  This sort of availability of information inspires me.  They are not trying to sell me something, and although obviously the exposure is beneficial to the University, it’s incredibly generous to open up their curriculum and in keeping with the ethos that all higher education institutions should have – education for all.

I’ll try to finish that ‘story so far’ post because it’s been a long year – a year! – and that length of time deserves to be noted.

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