The new GP last week said to me, rather obviously I thought, you need to get more sleep. And then prescribed Circadin - a hormone called melatonin that your body naturally produces when you're asleep. The theory being, supplementation tricks your body into going to sleep. Well, in the last week I don't think my insomnia … Continue reading In-som-ne-yaaaa

Things could be worse

Life has been feeling a little serious lately.  I'm not sure why, but there's a lot going on.  I'm about to resign from my job, torn between staying and hoping 'things' settle down and leaving and embarking on a new (yawn) journey.  I keep finding myself remembering a few months ago, when life was a … Continue reading Things could be worse

A new diagnosis

Actually I've never had a definite diagnosis before so this is A diagnosis. The Christmas break and some annual leave gave me time to think and to notice adverse reactions to food and alcohol.  I came to the conclusion this is enough now. In my endless searching online last year I had come across a … Continue reading A new diagnosis


Two phrases have stuck with me recently. #1. Get your life how you want it I watched a 5 minute doco tonight on the 7:30 Report featuring a farmer who when drought forced him to lease his property, started creating sculptures from spanners.  Yes, that's right, spanners.  And they are quite beautiful.  Here's a link to check … Continue reading Phraseology


Often when I sit down to write, words just come out and I don't censor them nor hardly do more than one re-read before I post.  But like last night, looking back at the writing I realise it had nothing to do with what's actually on my mind at the moment. What's on my mind?  Time. … Continue reading os


It's 8:30pm on a Friday night and I'm fatigued.  I was going to write exhausted but I feel like that expression should come with strenuous activity, and I haven't done any. Let's see, what have I done this week?  Said no to a promising new job because of the 4-day induction training course in Sydney.  Said no … Continue reading Rambles