Soy? Is it poison?

For some reason as I wrote that question I heard it asked in my mind like Adele’s song Hello…

Somehow gives the question a seriousness as well as makes me giggle.  So here I am drinking a soy flat white (half strength as I’m trying to cut down on everything it seems) after a 5 day abstinence mainly brought on not by health but by the realisation that if I’m buying a $5 coffee each day I’m spending nearly $2000 a year on it! And that money can go somewhere better for sure. Like on the vitamin c, magnesium and digestive enzymes I just spent nearly $100 on.

I’m pretty sure I need the magnesium since I ran out a few weeks ago and have been supplementing with a different type (less bio available) and last night woke up at 3am with a chronic case of restless legs that’s still irritating me. Argh! The annoyance of it is so hard to describe, like you need to rest and have to run all at the same time.

What caused the flickering saucer of light I saw yesterday though I don’t know. I’ve only ever seen these sorts of twinkles at the side of my vision once before in all my years, and it was before the arrival of a mega migraine.  Yesterday it started as a curious pin point of light in the centre of my left eye and explanded over half an hour to cover the entire left side of my vision. It went away and no migraine came so I didn’t call the ambulance although I was thinking of leaving doors unlocked in case I suddenly keeled over, knowing my daughters Dad would be around later that day. It’s frightening to think like that when you are in charge of a child.

I’m rambling again.

Back to the soy. There seems to be a fairly vocal opposition to soy online, although I can find arguments for and against. Have you noticed that the Internet will tell you exactly what you want it to?

It seems again that mass production is the enemy of the people, whilst being the provider to the people at the same time, and soy practices are making us sick. I tried to consider why I drink coffee and apart from the caffeine hit, it’s the creamy goodness of the froth. I coils easily change to coconut or almond milk, as Cibo now offer them to purchase, but am I just replacing one bad with another? Researching food makes me scared and angry because it appears to be a minefield of frightening additives, processes and chemicals. My recent study reminds me that all elements are chemicals so the word shouldn’t be used to describe something negative but it has become so. My recent post about grains led me to question, aren’t sesame/chia/flax seeds, all seeds? So shouldn’t I be excluding them also?  Now I find that nuts also contain high numbers of phytic acid too, a food that I have increased to stop me snacking on crackers containing wheat.

It’s all so daunting and no wonder I was scared off finding out more about food before.  Some people don’t agree that food plays a role in recovery but  I feel like I have compelling reasons to research.  Removing dairy made me feel better. It’s one thing that worked in a year of ‘rest, and you’ll get better’ not working.

But it makes me enjoy my coffee less.



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