A new diagnosis

Actually I’ve never had a definite diagnosis before so this is A diagnosis.

The Christmas break and some annual leave gave me time to think and to notice adverse reactions to food and alcohol.  I came to the conclusion this is enough now.

In my endless searching online last year I had come across a site advertising doctors, here in Adelaide, housing themselves all in the one building in a kind of commune with complementary-medicine specialists.  Initially I wrote it off as too daunting – there were a lot of doctors there and I didn’t know which one to contact – however one morning early January, in frustration I filled in their contact form and on Tuesday I saw a new GP.

He asked a lot of questions about how I sleep, my current and previous energy levels, diet, worries, hopes and expectations.  And then diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.

This came as a surprise.  I’d associated this diagnosis with severe pain, which I don’t have (luckily) but apparently there are more than 69 (or is it 72?) symptoms associated with fibromyalgia and the classics are un-refreshing sleep and brain fog.  Tick.  Tick.

I had an appointment with my normal GP today and I nervously ran the idea by her, wondering if she’d be miffed that I’d consulted another, and she was noncommittal, believing chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia to have a lot of cross over.

I’m strangely unfazed by it all because like my banner – it is what it is.  The name change doesn’t affect what’s been happening to me nor does it change the likely outcome.  I am just trying to do the best I can with what I’ve got.  I think perhaps I am starting to see where the benefits might lie in whats happened to me or should I say how I’ve responded to whats happened to me.  



2 thoughts on “A new diagnosis

    • CJ says:

      Yes thats what the new doctor said. He thinks the most significant issue was the Parvovirus B19, because almost everyone gets Epstein Barr but the PB19 is a havoc-wreaker. Lucky me! 😉

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