There is no spoon

I'm fairly sure I've written on this topic before. Life.  Seems to be full of ridiculous contradictions.  Well mine is anyway.  I need to sleep but I can't.  I recognise competition is not good for me, but I can't stop competing.  I love to write, but I don't want to complete my writing course.  I … Continue reading There is no spoon

The day of rest

I was told by the clinical psychologist on Friday that I need a routine. That this would help, to plan in rest time, work time and time for myself. Afterwards I sat alone, pondering the word routine.  Is that all? Is that how little she feels is happening in my life? That a simple routine would … Continue reading The day of rest

What’s your unwell?

This'll be a quick update - I'm having trouble with wooziness in the head and looking at computer screens doesn't help.  I expected that after a week of training, long days in a classroom environment, hotel room beds, changed diet and meeting new people I would have some repercussions but I fully expected fatigue not dizziness. … Continue reading What’s your unwell?