It is worth pushing on…

Two days ago I saw a new GP from the integrative (read open minded) group.  Only because my other doctor was transferred interstate, however I was glad to have someone new to look over my history, and the result made it clear that it is worth seeking second/third/fourth opinions – if you’re not satisfied with the answers you’re getting.

Now I don’t know the outcome yet, however tomorrow I start a new medication.  A natural thyroid extract that some poor little piggys have sacrificed for me.  The new doctor expressed surprise that I was tried on the Tertroxin first because it is only one of the hormones required for full function.  Either way, it’s showed up a deficiency there somewhere by helping me feel a bit better, even if a lot like a car having trouble starting!

My levels were reported as ‘euthyroid’ or normal levels.  I’m going to leave out the measuring types as they are so tiny and I don’t fully under stand them (pmol/L and mIU/L)

Free T4 was 11.6 and ‘normal’ is 9.0 – 25.0

TSH – Thyroid Stimulating Hormone was 1.07 and ‘normal’ is .50 – 5.00

and Free T3 was 4.3 and ‘normal’ is 3.5 – 6.5

So you can see the levels are on the lower side of ‘normal’ however my doctor says it could actually be something else such as the pituitary gland or adrenal glands that are insufficient so testing thyroid levels wouldn’t give you the answer.  What does is trying medications and seeing the results on my energy levels.

Tomorrow I’ll also do a baseline plus adrenal hormone profile which involves producing copious amounts of spit into little bottles across the whole day and then paying an exorbitant sum to see what’s in it.  Or, put more seriously it will test cortisol, testosterone etc and is thought to be a better test than the blood test for cortisol which I’ve also had and was ‘normal’.

The only test that was reported as abnormal, and strangely no one seems to give a damn about it, is my white cell count.  Neutrophils are below the normal range and described as ‘moderate neutropenia’ and my natural killers cells are very low or ‘decreased’.  Isn’t that effectively my frontline immune system?  Why isn’t anyone worried?  Is my immune system ‘down’ because it’s been fighting a long time or is it ‘down’ because something else is happening?  It’s like a chicken and egg thing, which came first?

Having experienced doctors brushing things off that later became apparent as important all through the last year, I’ll keep it front of mind, but first to the desiccated thyroid extract and let’s see what happens…

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