When the clocks go back…

It reminds me what a construct time is.  We all agree to just change the time by an hour to suit ourselves.  And even if we don’t agree, it gets changed anyway.

My 4 year old hasn’t quite grasped the concept of time yet.  She knows the days of the week but doesn’t know when they are or which day it is without asking.  She knows she goes to kindy on Monday and Tuesday but has to ask when that is.  I wish I could keep her in that oblivion because I can see she is happier not knowing.

Time does pass and time flies.  And because of this awareness I feel like I wasted so much time on people who weren’t worth it.  I gave so much time to jobs that I walked into in the dark and out of in that dark 5 days a week.

But the only reason I have this remorse is because I have a memory and a sense of time passing.  Take that away, turn me into a child again or an adult with alzheimers and I return to living in the moment, content.  People didn’t create time.  But we did create the exhausting race against it to achieve ‘things’.  Choices that have been made are no longer important.  Time spent can not be un-spent.

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