Is he Belle or Sebastian?

I stumbled across this interview after clicking on an email from the SolveCFS initiative.  To be honest I've been largely ignoring their emails since I signed up because I'd gotten into a fairly negative headspace surrounding CFS, and it felt like nothing new was being discussed and nothing they said could help me, because it was … Continue reading Is he Belle or Sebastian?

What’s going on in my mind?

It's late again. The internet's switched off. It's almost as if that off switch turns on the power to complete the train of thoughts that have been scratching around the back of my mind all day. I've been really hard on myself for the last week, without even realising it. The psychologist told me to ban … Continue reading What’s going on in my mind?

My eyelids are peeling

Over the year and a half that I've been unwell I've had various symptoms, some worrying, some amusing that may or may not be related to hypothyroidism.  And the only reason I think that is my diagnosis (after post viral fatigue, human Parvovirus B19, Glandular Fever, vitamin deficiencies and Fibromyalgia) is because the thyroid medication is working.  More … Continue reading My eyelids are peeling

Hard edges

Being a parent gives you hard edges.  With my 4 year old we're at the stage where I'm telling her off every few minutes.  You almost couldn't script it better with things I never thought I'd need to say like 'don't touch that, put that down, sit up straight, don't throw that there, pick that up, I'm not … Continue reading Hard edges


Sometimes the thoughts come thick and fast and I'll post lots.  And then sometimes for weeks there's nothing.  The nothing usually coincides with extra illness or stress and the creativity in my brain gets shut down in favour of just getting along with every day life. Those are the least fun times. But today I woke … Continue reading Friendship