I cleaned my bathroom today

Yup, I did.  Well I didn’t even finish cleaning it but I did more than I have done for months. Something’s been bugging me since I saw the clinical psychologist last week.  I had told her that when I wasn’t working or looking after my child, I found it hard to relax because often things needed cleaning.  I mentioned the bathroom to which she replied ‘well what does it matter, you clean it once a week then and it’s ok’.  She obviously thought she was giving me a benchmark I could adjust to but she didn’t know just how far short of that benchmark I’ve been falling!

And before you go ewwwww.  I do clean it, but it’s been more of the patchy, get rid of the most obvious dirt and generally spray disinfectant around for a while.  Last year, when I was still working full time I had a cleaner, but she went to save the money.  Anyway, long story short, I felt like I needed to give it a good clean.

I cleaned and disinfected the toilet, basin, bath and shower, as well as my daughters bath toys, and was one shower screen in before I had to concede defeat.  But I did it.  I’ve never loved cleaning.  It’s too much like an uncomfortable gym circuit – lots of bending and stretching into awkward places, standing on tiptoe and reaching round behind things.  And considering I’ve hardly even walked anywhere more than was necessary for the last year, I think that’s a pretty good job.

So there you go, my life has been reduced to blogging on a Saturday night about how happy I am I cleaned the bathroom.  Yippee.  Livin’ the dream.

6 thoughts on “I cleaned my bathroom today

  1. tracyfibrodays says:

    I can so relate, I just wrote Sometimes we have to ask for help.

    I too clean my bathroom and kitchen the most yet it’s just doing the necessity items because as you said it’s hard on the body. I use to have a shower/tub scrubber that was on a long pole which took the strain off the back. I haven’t seen any lately to get a new one but it was a great tool for those of us with chronic pain. I also found a light push broom is easier than a regular kitchen broom, mopping is hard on the back but a good sponge mop works well. I really prefer someone else to vacuum as no matter what the vibrations it leaves in my hands and arms drive me crazy. I actually was setting a weekly cleaning/chore list and getting into a good routine when my worse case of vertigo hit and then shortly after it went away(3 months later) it wasn’t long before my fibromyalgia flare hit, I had been walking 3 miles 3 days a week and one day I couldn’t even walk. Well thanks for sharing your struggle as well.

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    • CJ says:

      Did you have vertigo for 3 months? How difficult for you! I had it recently for 10 days and boy was that enough. My doctor told me it was most likely another ‘virus’. Is this a common side effect with fibromyalgia do you know?


      • tracyfibrodays says:

        Through research I’ve been doing is yes vertigo is common with Fibromyalgia. It also is common to have vitamin deficiency (I was low in D and B12) which can also cause vertigo. I did have it for 3 months from Aug 29- Dec 9 some days were extremely bad where others were terrible. Searching through my past fibro flare ups I realized I also had vertigo before the flare. So it does seem to be connected.

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      • CJ says:

        It’s so technical isn’t it? We can put together all these similar experiences and side affects but no one can tell us why?


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