Diagnosis #6…or is it #7?

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis…

The third doctor at the new centre (since the beginning, 18 months ago, she’s the 6th) ran a range of blood tests which showed antibodies to my own thyroid.  They were reported as in the ‘normal range’ which is a term I’ve come to know well and distrust.  My T3 and T4 levels were also in the ‘normal range’ and yet I felt improvement when I began taking replacement thyroid hormone.

On that, I switched back off the desiccated thyroid extract (porcine) to the Tertroxin (Liothyronine Sodium) and after recovering from the almighty cold I had, I now am feeling a lot better.  I’ve been back on one tiny tablet a day for a month now and I can feel myself having more energy, I’m sleeping better and best of all, I feel refreshed when I wake up.  it feels like I’m winning the battle at last!

The new blood tests reported low iron, high inflammation, low zinc and magnesium as well as Vitamin D.  While this annoyed me too, because I thought we had covered all those areas last year, the doctor explained that the body churns through all these elements and vitamins while in a constant state of inflammation.  It seems a good idea for anyone fighting a major infection/disease/illness to keep on top of supplements even when you can feel like they are doing nothing.  In fact, what the doctor said to me as she browsed my results was ‘Your magnesium’s shit, your zinc is really shit, your vitamin D is shit’.  I appreciated the simple honesty and making no bones about it.  Even when the words ‘normal range’ appeared next to the zinc, she called it shit.

So, do I feel annoyed?  I should.  Many doctors dismissed the possibility of thyroid issues.  If they hadn’t I could have come to this result earlier.  I might not have had to lose my career and my job, I wouldn’t have spent so much money on doctors and tests that showed nothing else and psychologists to aid with the impact of all of the above.

But I don’t.  I feel too good to be annoyed.

I’m cautious because it’s been 18 months now of this and I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  Let’s hope this is the break I’ve been waiting for and wondering if was coming.


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