One day…

One day I will not think about being ill anymore.  I will not worry about how many hours of sleep I have had or will get.  I won't think about the food I'm eating and wonder if it's hurting my body.  I won't have anymore blood tests and everyone will have forgotten this happened. One … Continue reading One day…



At 40, I was dealt an opportunity to get off the merry-go-round. To halt the meaningless pursuits of my life, to say goodbye to a job that preached endlessly about reward and recognition but didn't recognise me when I was down. To take stock, slow down and recognise and value what was important. It was … Continue reading bending


I've just returned from a warm getaway to an icy cold house in winter and it's left me feeling annoyed.  I did this a month or so ago and was left with a nicer feeling that I'm trying to tap into now.  Perhaps this time it's just a much colder return?  Perhaps winter has just … Continue reading Now