Work with it

I paused last night to question myself, how it can be that I still feel like life is rushing by when I've made so many changes to it specifically designed to allay this feeling.  How can the days seem so busy when I no longer work full-time?  And they seemed so long when I did.  For a long … Continue reading Work with it


Hey! Fever…

It's that annoying time of the year when the days are getting longer, the sun is rising earlier and I'm waking up at ridiculous times again.  We should be rejoicing as spring comes but this winter is really hanging on and being a pain in the butt.  This time last year we were well into … Continue reading Hey! Fever…

Nap time

I haven't written much lately but that doesn't mean my mind hasn't been working over time. In fact I've thought of so many things to write about but haven't been able to get them out. The trouble that seems to have come with getting a bit better has been a distracted busy mind ( I think … Continue reading Nap time