I’m struggling with food again

This time is not like last year when everything tasted like metal for about a month.  No-one could really pin down what the reason was but the most likely culprit was candida overgrowth.  I couldn’t even drink peppermint tea without a nasty metallic taste.  I’m sure I could find the posts where I wrote about it, I’ll have a look and post it in the comments if I can.

This time it’s more psychological.  I get this feeling that I could be doing better with my diet.  Less coffee, zero sugar, stop sneaking bites of my daughters’ bickies!  I just haven’t found a way of eating that I feel happy about.  It’s too challenging to find good food, too expensive, too time-consuming and sometimes I’m simply put off because when I read the recipes I don’t know what the ingredients are!  So I turn to the Internet for advice and perhaps that’s where it goes wrong.


There is so much advice which is great because that’s why you turn to the Internet, but… there’s SO much advice.  And a lot of it conflicts and some of it is downright scary!  When I was advised (by a very correct and methodical blood test) that I had a dairy allergy, I turned to soy coffees.  But recently I read about the dangers of soy.  In this very methodical blood test I was not diagnosed as having an allergy to soy and soy lattes having been around so long that jokes were made about them (I’ll have a double decaf soy latte with a twist of lemon), I assumed it was ok.  Recent research points the finger suggesting soy contains ‘goitrogens’ which depress thyroid function and phytoestrogens linked to breast cancers.  Now I don’t know if these are true because for every page claiming one side, there are plenty claiming the other (although they seem to be sponsored by soy milk companies).  Actually the question should not be ‘is it true?’ but ‘what does it mean?’ that these substances are in soy milk.

Is it ok to think of the the old ‘where there’s smoke’ and perhaps try to make some common sense decisions around food?  Mass production or anything that has been changed through commercialisation seems to be wise to steer clear of.  Take bread for example.  It’s becoming pretty clear that GM wheat or dwarf wheat that is commercially better for growers is incredibly bad for consumers, but does that stop people buying it?  No, because it’s produced and sold cheaply and for some reason people assume the supermarkets have their best interests at heart.

And this is at the heart of my problem.  I can only buy what’s made available to me.  I am lucky, I live in a city where farmers grow food nearby and sell it to supermarkets who sell it to me, otherwise where would I get my food from?  But everything is mass-produced so even my apples are spray painted with a gooey gum to make the look appealing.  I don’t want them to look shiny, I just want them not to kill me when I eat them!

So I go round in circles… what’s the best way to eat?  Where should I get my food from? And how?  How much time can I spend on sourcing good food and how much money should I spend?  It really is a topic that can seem to take up a lot of your day.  You’ve just got done eating breakfast and you have to start thinking about lunch and do you need to shop for new ingredients for it.  Add to that some allergies and a 4 year old to feed as well and I spend a lot of time thinking about food.  It’s not as much fun as it used to be!


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