Some lists are good.

I can spend hours searching online for answers if the mood strikes me.  I fall in and out of feeling the need to search for similar stories to mine and looking for new research, concepts or thoughts.  I still feel like I’m looking for what is wrong with me and expecting to find one answer when in fact it’s many.

So when I came across this article recently (even though it’s a few years old) I was pretty astounded to find that almost all of the causes of fibromyalgia, I have at one time or other in the last 2 years identified in myself.  When the doctor diagnosed me with fibro, it did nothing for me, because in my mind, I was saying ‘I’ve got pain’ and he was saying ‘yes you’ve got pain, it’s called fibromyalgia’.  But to see here in black and white all the areas I have become familiar with over the last 2 years felt encouraging.

10 Root Causes of Fibromyalgia (#3 is Thyroid)

I don’t think they are in any order especially but first gluten… I have always eaten wheat and bread and 6 months into feeling like hell I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy, mild but still present in my blood.  Then, Candida overgrowth.  I spent a month with a bad taste in the back of my throat, only a few months after finishing taking anti-inflammatorys’ (that were acting on nothing because the pain was not inflammatory in nature) and a naturopath diagnosed me with candida overgrowth by looking at my tongue.  I had a permanent white coat over the very back third of my tongue.  It’s no longer there these days.

Thyroid – the big one!  All my testable levels were in the ‘normal range’ but I responded well to thyroid medication.  A slow phase onto the medication found what appears to be the optimal levels for me, 40 micrograms of Tertroxin (T3) and 50 micrograms of Euthyrox (T4)  and a blood test confirmed antibodies to my thyroid (again in the normal range) suggested Hashimotos.

Vitamin Deficiencies.  Yep these too!  A doctor very early on found me to be severely Vit D, B and magnesium deficient, exactly as suggested in the article, and I was experiencing frightening pins and needles in my arms and legs daily.  I don’t get that anymore.  I also take Zinc still.

SIBO – I’ve got a breath test sitting on my desk to do in the next couple of weeks as suggested by my doctor in relation to some high estrogen results on a blood test.

Adrenal Fatigue, Mycotoxins, MTHFR, and mercury toxicity.  These have all been discussed around me but no evidence yet that I experience any of those.  I have amalgam fillings but my dentist tells me there’s no evidence they are bad for me.  Plus it’s really expensive to have them removed.  Adrenal fatigue I don’t necessarily believe should be in this list, there is nothing to test for it and I am also not convinced it’s not a byproduct rather than a cause.

Glutathione Deficiency.  This is the other supplement I take regularly, NAC or N-Acetylcysteine, the precursor to glutathione which helps in it’s production which my doctor recently discovered I was low in homocysteine.  I think if I have not responded well to the next blood tests she will probably look at the MTHFR and methylation cycle issues.

Ok so 6/10 aint bad!  What this list did for me was help me realise that I’m on the right path.  I suspect in 5 years, maybe 10, the actual biology and chemistry in fibromyalgia will be better understood as well as the how – how does it make you feel pain?  I am sure this is all linked with Chronic Fatigue which has really outlived its name and while being a great description of how you feel doesn’t actually tell you anything about why.  It’s more like an umbrella name for a whole lot of conditions.  Science will catch up first to explain the why and then slowly societal attitudes will follow.  There may be a whole lot of people who have some apologising to do!


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