No more thyroid medication?

I’ve received an email this morning, following a call last week, from my current doctor who has been helping me with my recovery.  A short excerpt…

Due to two reports from other doctors about my prescribing of thyroid hormones, AHPRA has now placed further restrictions on my practice and since last Friday, 18th November, I am unable to treat thyroid conditions, or prescribe any thyroid hormones in any form, under any circumstances.

My next appointment with her is in 2 weeks to discuss my progress on the thyroid medication, which anyone reading here will know has been significant.  But now I can’t even discuss this with the doctor that prescribed the medication.  It’s worrying.  I’ve never been in a situation like this and I can’t help but wonder if the doctors that made the complaints were like my original GP who told me I’d get better eventually without medication (which I didn’t).

The difficult part of my journey from coming down with a virus to 2 years later still suffering with fatigue and tiredness was that all my blood tests were ‘normal’.  The first doctor who prescribed the thyroid medication – at about a year in – in the form of T3 (Tertroxin) took a punt and advised me this.  He clearly said that my TSH levels ranked in the normal range but that if I was willing to try it, he felt given my symptoms it could help.  It did.  The second doctor (after this one moved interstate) also suggested something that in his experience had worked well for others – natural desiccated thyroid hormone – but it didn’t work for me, making me feel worse.  Then finally this doctor took me off the NDT and prescribed the Eutroxsig based on the result with the Tertroxin and I saw the most significant improvement of the last 2 years.

I understand the need for a governing body to protect patients from mis-management but it makes me question if this is case where proven medicine has not caught up yet with regulation?  So many people tell stories of doctors who will not prescribe thyroid medication or will not alter it from standard.  If I hadn’t experienced for myself the benefits, I wonder would I be concerned of stories of doctors working outside the boundaries as well?

How often do doctors get out of their consulting rooms?  And working day in, day out, how much time do they get for professional development and updating of knowledge?  How far behind are the doctors in their understanding of current medication?

For me, the practice has offered other doctors willing to take over my case which gives me some comfort because I don’t feel like I am at the end yet.  I still want the next blood test results to be analysed and I want to speak to someone about the pounding my heart does sometimes at night.  I also have other test results to discuss and I’d like to return to my original doctor because I really liked her honesty and knowledge.  As I write this I’m undertaking a breath test for SIBO and will be interested to know the results of this also.

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