So I visited the new doctor (because the other was banned from prescribing Thyroid medication – see previous post) and he analysed my blood results as being ‘overcooked’.  Thyroxin has been reduced by a three-quarters and Eutroxsig reduced to half.  So I now take 2 halves of a tablet each day and have had to buy and learn how to use a pill cutter.  An experience in itself!

It was unnerving to experience my doctor being banned.  She explained herself that it was a situation exactly like mine and she swears she would have advised the patient to lower the dosage but she doesn’t have adequate notes and can’t prove it.  The hyperthyroid symptoms continued and another doctor picked them up and reported her.  I feel for her, but it’s not good enough as a GP not to have clear notes on medications you’re prescribing to patients.  Especially ones that in over-dosages cause heart palpitations, head aches, muscle aches and anxiety.

So in 6 weeks I’ll return to see the new doctor.  I’ve lost count now but I think that’s doctor number 7?  And follow his path of investigation.  He thinks the hypothyroidism may have been kicked off by an iodine deficiency.  I’ve had the test and we’ll see, in the week of my birthday, where we are at.

Personally,  I’ve been reflecting on the now almost 2 year experience and have decided that, on balance, I am happier now than I was 2 years ago.  The many changes I’ve had to make have brought me a different life less full of meaningless stuff and people.  Even when I was still experiencing huge fatigue I could see that life was better, if only I could get rid of the fatigue too.  And now I hope I’m nearly at the end of the path, because the fatigue is much less and the side-affects of being over-medicated may be lessening.

I’m here because I took a chance and didn’t accept the advice of my GP that I would ‘get better eventually’.  I did accept it for a while, almost a year, but then I remember so clearly early January this year – having an overwhelming moment of frustration and deciding I had to force myself along a different path, try a new doctor and method (not yoga, or meditation!).  I’m sure I wrote about it in this blog, I’ll look it up and post a link in the comments if I can find it.

So here I am.  I got better because the doctors I found prescribed me a drug that was indicated for my symptoms but not approved because I was in the ‘normal range’ for thyroid levels.  And now I’m a little caught up in their drama but I hope to see this through as well and perhaps in January have some more answers.

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