The Google Cycle

What is it about the New Year that gets you looking into new paths and options?  The promise of a simple date change bringing new possibilities, fresh pathways and better results?

I woke this morning with a really sore neck.  It’s been like this for about a month now I think.  I’ve been ignoring it, assuming it will resolve itself in time but a month feels too long now.  After some light stretching and a few simple yoga poses – salute to the sun etc, it’s still there of course.  Each day it’s been slightly different but generally it radiates from the right shoulder, if I lean back that way it feels like a stab in my neck.  If I lean my head back I feel an unstable pulling in the centre of my chest.

This began before they reduced my medication, I remember wondering could it be a result of too much medication.  If so, it’d be improving soon.  Or is it unrelated to the medication?

I began researching online again this morning and came up with fibromyalgia as I have previously been diagnosed.  It still seems odd to me to identify myself as having fibro, because don’t I just have some aches and pains that won’t go away?

Does it help to identify yourself as having a condition that no-one is sure what it’s caused by or what you treat it with?  I came across 2 supplements recurring in the literature being 5HTP and SAMe (you can look up the chemical names!) recommended to decrease muscle aches and increase mood and quickly discovered they were available on my new favourite supplement provider iHerb.  I was all ready to order them and add them to my tablet regime before I realised I should probably discuss this with my doctor.  I got caught up in the exhilaration of recognising the symptoms and seeing the claims that these supplements alleviate them, and believing it could and will do the same for me!

Often when I go through this exciting cycle, I come back to the basics that I could still work on before adding tablets.  I know I could try and get more sleep – go to bed earlier, I know my diet could improve even more, I know I could add some light exercise which is meant to increase serotonin also.

It’s only 3 weeks until my next appointment with my doctor, given the silly season is now over, there is plenty I can work on before spending money on tablets that may or may not help.  In my experience, these things don’t work, or noticeably.  I read so many accounts of people taking x tablet and feeling better that day.  That never happens to me!  Even headache tablets don’t usually work fast for me, they may soften the edges of the ache, but all that gets rid of the ache is water, rest and relaxation.

Are those people lying?  No probably not.  They experienced something.  Placebo or whatever, it worked for them.

Oh well, another Google cycle complete… pain stimulates research, research gives hope, provided in the form of spending money usually…reality check ensues, closer to home options return to the surface and a plan develops.  It’s tiring but at least I’m getting faster at skipping to the end where I put the computer down and go and eat a healthy breakfast now!


3 thoughts on “The Google Cycle

  1. fibroloveaffair says:

    I can really relate to your post. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in February 2016 and have since spent countless hours searching online for something that could give me some sort of relief. However, even medication that has been given to me by doctors has not helped, not to say that they don’t for other people. Sadly, once you are diagnosed many of your symptoms will be blamed on Fibromyalgia without any tests into anything else. I hope you find some sort of relief and that your doctor will be able to give you some good advice. Having a decent doctor will make you feel like you are being taken seriously and will be able to guide you in the right direction.

    Take Care and have a happy new year 🙂

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    • CJ says:

      And it’s hard to not lump it all together yourself in your own mind right? Fibromyalgia is a name in my mind for ‘we don’t quite know’ yet… Gosh it’s tough isn’t it?

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      • fibroloveaffair says:

        Yes I agree. It becomes one big thing that weighs you down. Yes I think the same. Doctors do not really know what it is or how to help which is not very helpful when your tired and in pain. It is really tough having to get through it without any support or knowing if it will get any better


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