Things I will do once I’m better

Im my collating past results and re-reading posts, so far it’s been all downhill… Here I am 8 months in, almost 2 years ago, with a list of things I hope to do when I’m better and I now can, although I’m not completely better. This is encouraging.

What's wrong with me?

It’s felt like a very long time, this last 8 months and I know (or hope) that one day this too, will have passed and we can all look back with ‘gosh, remember that year I was so sick?’.  Fingers crossed!

When I’m all fixed I will:

Take my daughter to the zoo to pat the quokkas

Go out for dinner with adults, at night time!

Visit my friends for coffee

Walk to work and back (it’s only 10 minutes)

Clean my house myself

Walk to the beach with my daughter

Its not a massive list of requests!  A quite reasonable one I think, it’s not like I’m a professional dancer and want to begin training daily.  Sometimes I wonder how sick I am below the surface, particularly when I have a reaction like the last few days to some vacuuming and tidying.  My life and expectations have been slowly lowering…

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Thyroid is the word…

Yesterday was spent just hanging with my 5 yr old.  I am often so flat these days that it just feels like the best thing to do is to stay home and find stuff to do here.  She seems to enjoy it, but I worry about when she’s older, will I have kicked this problem by … Continue reading Thyroid is the word…