Taking note of hair loss (& everything!)

This week the hairdresser noticed how much thinner my hair is and showed me around the back where it’s breaking away at the ends.  I’ve been noticing it for a while now but it seems really easy to ignore things you hope will improve and not notice how long its been going on.  Like my neighbour, he moved out to renovate his unit and back in with his mum.  He must like it there because after a long time of not seeing him around and looking at the empty windows with no curtains I reckon he’s got the have been absent for more than 3 months.  Trying to work out this morning how long my hair has been falling out, I guessed maybe 4 weeks but then remembered pre-warning a friend I shared a cabin with on holiday back in March that it was likely to be all over the floor. That was over 2 months and it’d been happening for a while by then.  Almost as long as my neighbour’s been away.

Googling is utterly useless, you can find any answer online – hair loss is caused by too little thyroid hormone as well as too much.  Both could be true, it’s a delicate balance. What I wonder is did it start in March in response to a dramatic drop in dose of T3 in January, or did it start in March in response to introducing T4?

I want to know, because the loss has gotten to a point now where it’s bothering me. I have very thick hair, so no one would yet notice a change, but the thought of having a visible indicator of being unwell, makes me feel quite threatened.  And initially that strikes me as odd, given that for such a long time in the beginning I would wish that people could see I was unwell.  That was most likely to be the people who I was surrounded by and the feeling that I had to prove I was unwell to them, because I don’t feel that any longer.  I don’t have to prove to anything to anyone anymore!

Still, I’m worried.  I want to talk to my doctor about it, but I recently rang him and we changed the dosage of the T3 so perhaps that’ll make a difference?  It’s only been one week (I think?).  What occurred to me however was the need to have a more adequate system of diarising this sort of thing.  I realised when i went to see the doctor last time that I didn’t really remember what dosages I’d been on when.  Seems crazy, but every time we made a change I assumed it was for the best and that this was just another step on the road to recovery and the only way was up.  This set-back has worried me, I’ve been focussing on diet and I’ve decided I need to collate all the information I’ve got.  It’s all over the place.  I’ve got this blog, although the thought of reading back over it makes me a little anxious.  I don’t really feel like reliving all of that.  I have all the clinical notes and blood test printouts, my diary shows the doctors appointments as do Medicare records.  I just need to put it in some order and perhaps be a little more diligent in paying attention to new symptoms especially around changes in medication.  It’s ok and normal I’m sure that I put my faith in doctors but it’s wise to invest some more time in making sure that ‘project get well’ doesn’t go off track.

I’m going to start this plan today, right after I vacuum up the drifts of hair around my house!


One thought on “Taking note of hair loss (& everything!)

  1. missshawna9891 says:

    Hello! I’ve read some of your posts, and can relate either through myself or through my friends. My friend, Eva was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last year and dealt with hair loss on top of her depression. From reading you seem like an open minded person willing to research and take control of your health instead of following every unsuccessful quick fix. My friend, Eva did lower her T levels in one year after taking her med, sythryoid and cutting out gluten, some dairy, and putting her health first. I am holistic and do not trust doctors too much as over the years I’ve solved issues they could not. I’ve studied the human body for years outside of regular studies. I’m a researcher at heart that loves sharing to help others if I can. My blog is about my health journey as well. I have chronic adrenal fatigue and an injured spine that changed my life. My friend was lucky that her doctor told her about the T levels being unbalanced as she could not work anymore from being sick but didn’t know why…Most doctors because they are not required, do not have to tell you your T levels are off until they reach passed a certain number, by that time your body has already been needing help, but the signs were minor. My doctor, who is holistic figured it out before my thyroid started to be affected, because adrenals and thyroid affect each other. I had every symptom and have been healing it naturally. My friend’s hair loss got better after she did all that. She made sure to use only natural hair growth shampoos as well. She managed her stress levels and stopped smoking on top of dealing with depression and this disease. She still has bad days but its mainly from the depression. I will be posting how a new product is helping with my fatigue, you posted how chronic fatigue is connected to inflammation and oxidation stress. You are right. Did you know that your gut, also called the 2nd brain holds the key to reversing majority of that? Your gut controls 70% of you immune health and 90% of receptors to serotonin. Basically if you get your gut healed, then your health improves from the inside out, and your mood improves. I have tried several different probiotics and vitamins and the only thing that has helped is taking Plexus trio. There products are the highest quality and are replaced several of my daily vitamins. In the trio the Bio cleanse promotes oxidation, gives 90% of magnesium our bodies need, and has vitamin c which is essential with adrenal fatigue. Their probiotic has an anti fungal ingredients to guarantee better results. Then the slim in the trio balances blood sugar and has helped my caffeine addiction from chronic fatigue. I’ve gone from 6 espresso a day to 2. I’ve only been on these products for a month, but have studied and talked with others that have hormone imbalances for almost a year before I decided to try it so just wanted to share since I know how much they are helping myself and others. I eat organic and only use natural products, but still was sick. It’s filling in the gap of health I have no control over, the inflammation etc…Sorry about the long comment, I’ll be posting the whole story on my blog lol Take care!


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