Straight lines

Today I read a quote about creativity …

“The creative process does not travel in straight lines. It thrives in the undefined spaces in between.”

and the idea resonated with me and my experience of recovery.  It ‘aint a straight line! Some days you feel good and think you’re getting better, the next day you feel crap and think it’s all over again.  Since I seemed to get my medication balanced better ( read here) I thought I’d experience linear recovery to a full 100% but since mid June (about 8 weeks) I’ve had three colds, the flu, sprained my ankle and not seemed to be able to shift a dry cough the whole time.  I still wake with aches and pains but they seem to improve before lunch time, or am I getting used to them?  How much of my improvement is hoping for the recovery to be working?

I wonder to myself if my diet is making things worse.  I try to go to bed earlier but then I sabotage that by wanting to have some time to myself in the evenings (the only time I get it!).  I want to be writing more but I can’t even seem to find things to write about.  I’m all over the place.

But that’s ok, it has to be, because I’m sure that getting better does not travel in straight lines either.

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