Day Two: Not much to report I’m afraid

I kept to the same pattern today.  Breakfast with eggs, detox tea around 11ish, shake and fibre boost for lunch, lots of herbal teas, fizz stick at 4ish and dinner by 6.  I have had trouble saying no to the bread though… I had 2 bits of toast with breakfast and garlic bread with dinner, which come to think of it was pasta!  All gluten-free but that GF stuff makes me wonder, am I cheating?  You should read the label for the GF bread, it’s filled with all sorts of stuff, just no wheat or gluten.  I’m fairly sure it’s not really great for you either.  I remember when the paleo trend began and the supermarkets filled up with paleo muffins and paleo chocolate bars… like gluten-free bananas… just because something is free of one thing – as a banana naturally is gluten-free – doesn’t make it better for you.

With this program, I do like the ability to not worry about lunch, plus already not going through as much food. I worked out that by cutting out the coffees, which probably cost me $150 a month, and buying the Energy Fizz sticks which are 30 for about $45, saves me possibly $100 a month.  That’s a decent incentive to make this project work.  Plus they do actually make me feel good.  I’m drinking more water by having them and no soy as well which I’m sure is better for me.  I wonder how much the caffeine in the fizz stick relates to a standard flat white?

Feeling a bit uninspired to write.  I’d sort of expected headaches and something to complain about, but things are ok.  I guess I haven’t gone cold turkey this time.

So I’ll write about my doctors visit instead.  I haven’t seen my doctor since June and while it’s been a bumpy ride in that time, I’ve definitely improved and seem to have evened out on the medication.  I made an appointment to see him in December but today I was reminded of an appointment next week, which I’d forgotten I’d made.  I was going to cancel because he wanted part of the blood test to be Day 21 levels and I won’t get to Day 21 before next week, but on second thought I’m curious to see where my thyroid hormone levels are at.  I suspect they are going to be misleading because last time they didn’t seem to correlate with how I was feeling.

I also want to know because I’ll need to change my superannuation package soon and go through medical underwriting to gain insurance.  They will want to know that my thyroid levels are controlled and within the normal range, which makes me laugh because this whole time they’ve often been within the normal range, because it’s quite clear the normal range is wrong, or at least too wide.  But don’t tell the insurance company that!

I will also need to ask my doctor to provide this information to the insurance company so I wanted to discuss this with him before they make the request.

Nothing else to report.  I’ll carry on to Day 3.

Ps I did have a small square of dark chocolate last night but no more which is quite impressive for me, I think!

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