Day Five: Tired

It’s been a long week and probably a detox program was ill-advised but here we are anyway.  I slept well last night but I’m really tired today which is probably due to the detox in part.

I’ve had no trouble with coffees, have only wanted one once or twice, but the caffeine is being replaced in the Fizz sticks so that’s not surprising.  I keep meaning to look up how much caffeine is in a stick versus a medium coffee with 2 shots.  I sincerely hope it’s way less because otherwise these headaches have all been for nothing.  It wasn’t so bad today, but I was wanting to have the Fizz stick earlier again and I’m wondering if that’s because of the withdrawal affect.  I’m wondering in fact if I shouldn’t go cold turkey completely.  I do like the Fizz sticks, the taste is refreshing and it’s extra water replacing the soy milks.  I don’t want to have to give them up but I will if the headaches don’t even out.

I made a lunch shake in the blender today, added some frozen berries to the water and protein powder and it was good.  I only wanted a small one, because I had not long before guzzled the Fizz stick water due to a slight onset of headache, but tomorrow I might try the chocolate powder with berries.  I have no idea what the chocolate shakes taste like, I’m guessing nothing like chocolate, so I probably should try them without additions first to see.

I also nearly caved and had an ice-cream with my daughter today.  What saved me was the withering look someone in the line gave me when we messed up the order of the attendants because the ice-creams were past the checkouts and we had to go out and come back in again.  My daughter took long enough to decide, even having already decided before we lined up to avoid this issue, and I didn’t want anyone assuming the ice-cream was for my benefit.  I was glad actually in the end because I knew it wouldn’t have made me feel good and I was just trying to ’treat’ myself because of the perceived lack of foods I like over the last few days.

The bread seems to be the hardest to get rid of.  I keep meaning to make a sweet potato hash thing to try with my eggs but keep not doing it for some reason (it’s hard and I’m lazy and I don’t really want it, I want bread).

It’s only 8pm, but I really want to go to bed and should.  It’s good to listen to your body, but I also crave a little time to myself tonight, so I’ll try and stay up a little longer after I finish writing this.  It’s one thing that is such a pain in the butt, being a Mum (and probably any parent) when you should sleep, you just want to sit in the one spot and not have to do something for someone, or watch adult TV or not have an argument.  I had an argument, sorry discussion, with my daughter tonight about why adults boss kids around.  Her argument was that kids have smaller brains and are not able to think as much therefore they have to be silly because it’s all they can manage.  She’s 5.

I’m contemplating a cheat day.  A Sunday where you have a little extra ‘bad’ stuff.  I haven’t been keeping up with the Arbonne videos being loaded, I switched off the notifications like they suggested if you were feeling bothered by the amount of them, so I’m not sure entirely what everyone else is doing or experiencing.  I love the idea of being able to eat whatever you want on one day, but also I admire the strength it takes to resist and I still feel like I should – although those Tic Toc’s won’t eat themselves!

My throat was very sore this morning and I assumed I would be coming down with my daughters cold that kept her home from school on Friday.  It seems to have gone away, maybe it’s another detox symptom?  I’ve learned that nearly everything can be put down to detoxing – headaches, pimples, sweating, temperatures, rashes, itches – you name it.

I wonder what tomorrow will be like?  Day Six on the way.

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