Day Ten: Wow

I’m so tired but only because I’ve been racing around doing unbelievably energetic things this week.  We got a cat!  With an hours drive each way to get her.  I mowed the lawn and gardened for at least an hour.  Yesterday I put together 4 flat packed bookcases and today I was out for about 9 hours of the day – driving people around, shopping for birthday presents, buying doorhandles which didn’t fit… Oh and swapping door handles from the bathroom to my daughters room so I can close her door at night and keep Molly out (our cat).

I haven’t had a lot of work on, I’ve done some here and there, but I’ve overall been really active which is amazing to me considering where I’ve been only recently.

I have to put it down to the change in diet and the reduction of caffeine and maybe even the soy milk.  I’m so glad I decided to finally go on this path.  I’ve read and studied for months all of the different and current suggested diets for autoimmune conditions – GAPS, Paleo, FODMAP etc. but could never quite manage to bring myself to go that hardcore on a diet.  The one that really had me going for a while was the Whole30 – a very restrictive diet that requires you to identify and remove all additives, sugars and processed foods.  Through reading this diet I discovered that bacon has sugar (dextrose) added to it.  I did not know that!  I read the incredible results these diets claimed and I wanted them, but it was too expensive and too difficult, when trying to feed another small person at the same time, to manage.  A lot of excuses I know but I did try quite a few times.

I’d given up caffeine before also, but it crept back in.  I wonder if it’ll happen again this time?  Perhaps not because I’ve replaced it with something else.  Today I went out for ‘coffee’ with a few work mates and instead of coffee I had a fruit smoothie which was gorgeous and I didn’t miss having the coffee.  Mind you it was 30 degrees in the shade and we were sitting outside.

This way of eating with the meal replacement shakes for one meal per day and the fizz sticks and detox tea, seem to attack all areas of weakness.  It’s really true that feeling full will stop you from snacking and using a good meal replacement (not a crazy detox or sugar shake) will do that.

For now, I’m really tired.  I have to stop using all the energy I have with the excitement of feeling better!  Time to have a weekend off and take it easy.  I’ll write again Monday 🙂

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